08 December 2006

sonnet 49

i feel a change, but also feel it not,
uncertain of what weight this night should hold;
i've played my cards, i've spun, i've cast my lot,
and hope my gambles haven't been too bold.
i live amidst both fear and love of change;
i risk it all, but hope all stays the same,
a hope that many may perceive as strange:
i'm meanwhile wishing nothing will remain.
and so i rest my fate in your skilled hands
as i have done before, and trust that all
will happen as was meant when sea and sands
were laid in place, and we were given call.
once each decision's made, hope's all we get,
and faith that we have made the better bet.

30 November 2006

stream-of-consciousness VII

feels like it's about time for another one of these. i'm tired. this week is actually not as bad as i thought it would be....it was just that paper. everything else is just homework. there's always homework. i don't mind it. if it's reading, i generally don't do it. i should. i try. i catch up before exams, generally. the semester still needs to end, by general consensus. and because semesters should always end. that's why they're called "semesters." it's actually not, but it results from it. ... yeah.

anyway, so i do stupid things. what else is new? perhaps when this is done i'll take a nap.

posting for the sake of posting!! yay!!

i'm worried. you're away message says you're going crazy. anything i can do? this belongs in an IM, not a blog. oh well. stream-of-consciousness. my best excuse for everything.

[editing out six paragraphs]

some things don't belong on the internet. i think i'll save this to my computer instead.

08 November 2006

sonnet 48

grant me permission to persuade myself
that passion over reason knows what's right.
remind me that to think about all else
will serve only to complicate my plight.
i've seen it all before, but can't recall
when facing new confusion, how it goes;
i hoped i'd learned something this time, or all,
but once again i stare down doubt, who knows
he has me firmly in his grasp. alas,
i cannot trust what i have learned thus far,
for truly i have not learned it. my past
forbids sole faith in passion--reason mars.
i wish i could put all concerns to rest,
but painful things i've lived say reason's best.

25 October 2006



to cut out my entire life prior to this moment [college] would be not only impractical, but impossible. i would need to delete not only half my buddy list, but most of my itunes library, a large portion of my hard drive, all my memories of anywhere-but-here. i would need to burn my journals and most of my bedroom at home. as well as a good portion of the stuff i keep with me here. many of the books i own. i can't change the way i know to feel about others based on the ways i've felt about you. there is no way to remove you--either of you--any of you. nor should i want to--

i am you.

16 October 2006



well...that went well.

13 October 2006


what if
what if
what if


breaking in new shoes

rehearsing conversations for three days
still no idea what i'm going to say

peanut butter for dinner? i'm not opposed
stick to the roof of my mouth and don't let me speak

this was never supposed to be poetry

it all comes back to capture-the-moment
and someday when somebody promises me money
perhaps i will revise [perhaps i'll consider revising]

for now i can't even manage a spoken conversation; how do you expect me to handle my writing?

what if
what if
what if

the abolishment of gender
for the hatred of pronouns
(i used to love "She")

my thought is that monosexuals will not like this idea

the leaves dance in shadow on my wall
i love having a tree outside my window
blessed distraction

27 September 2006

killing time/sonnet 47

for the first time, i'm scared to post the newest sonnet, for the same reasons i was trying to write the other night.

ironic--i was trying to post something with a comment about how it's only appropriate/safe to say on a blog, and i couldn't connect to the server--ergo, COULD NOT BLOG!

the gist of it was, there are certain things i could write here that i could only write here, because there's the smallest chance that the person they're about would read them, but it is infinitesimal because nobody ever actually reads my blog. so it would be like saying it, but without saying it, because nobody would hear it. but it's out there. so it's sort of like the responsibility is on them now, instead of me. i'm sure many people have similar feelings.

oh, to hell with it.

sonnet 47
if words would come, would that the problem be?
or is it that i feel the words too much?
no voice i'll give, for fear that, since it's me,
i'm doomed to ruin everything i touch.
i have this history of voiced mistakes,
where all is fine until my foolish speech;
i've grown accustomed to the loss this makes--
you'd think it would a diff'rent lesson teach.
however, if you chose to give it voice
(or even noticed that i show int'rest),
i would applaud the boldness of that choice
and hope it ended better than the rest.
if you would take this choice out of my hands,
a happy ending's given better chance.
--september 26, 2006

23 September 2006

observations at the plaza

wedding party taking pictures on the carousel
the bride was more beautiful today than she will ever feel again

a little girl with her head inside a plastic popcorn bag
her mother had a cigarette
i thought "that makes perfect sense..."

a boy playing catch with his grandfather

lovers lying on the grass

children laughing as they run
the wind echoes at first and then blows them away

12 September 2006


nothing i do is right.

04 September 2006


i need to re-work my life plan. and possibly redefine "family," or at least my expectations of it.
should have been a nun.

"family" == any group of humans i see which includes one adult female, one adult male, and one or more children.

"family" == any group of people who love each other.

"love" == to seek and foster the good of another (as per senior year religion class).

"sleeping with" == sleeping, adjacent to. NOT having sex.

"family" == whichever group i spend the most time with.

this probably requires more lengthy prose and less mathematical analysis. i'm not sure i can give proper attention to either right now, or when i will be able to do so. in that light, here's a bunch of ideas! suggestions are welcome. maybe there will be more later.

22 August 2006

stream-of-consciousness VI

i would love to write something really profound having to do with people and the ways they interact. and the stupidity of "sleeping with" as a euphemism for sex. but profundity is eluding me at the moment, so the best i can hope for is throwing around lots of big words, and that might not work either. why don't i have a shelf above my desk? that is upsetting. the dictionary and thesaurus are sitting on the corner of my desk and i'm going to have nowhere, absolutely nowhere, to put my school books when i get them. which ought to be soon. maybe i'll have to get another shelf to put somewhere. anyway, that came from thesaurus which came from big words which have ceased to happen. but i got "profundity" and "eluding" right next to each other. and right now i'm talking to shannon who i miss terribly but who is coming home tomorrow. strange how "home" can mean different things at the same time but it's really that one place you can never seem to find, unless you are very lucky, and i don't think i am right now. more confused than lucky. dear god. i haven't written like this in far too long. i need to remember how good it is to have a keyboard under my fingers so i can move faster than pen-and-paper and maybe come close to getting my thoughts out properly. i know i've written this before, probably many times. either way. either what way? that doesn't make sense. i need to pause and think of something to write about. end a very long paragraph. or maybe not, because then i start thinking about thinking and it goes on and on. now the window is blinking, and i will check it, and then come back to another paragraph. so.

the trouble is that i know exactly what i want, but i want it without hurting anyone. and that doesn't seem possible right now, so i'm being driven to a lack of honesty by means of purposefully neglecting to mention things...

the whole purpose of this is to be known. editing negates honesty, i think, at least in some situations. i'm sure prof. kafka would have something else to say about that, and i'd probably agree with whatever it was, which is why i was thinking about this in the first place. this exercise is to put a piece of my brain, a piece of my thinking, out into the world for other people to see, so that there is some hope that someone might witness my life, my existence....my being. if i were trying to craft something perfectly, i would come back and edit it until every word was exactly right, but right now i'm just trying to express how i think, what i feel, and sometimes the words don't come quick enough or they don't fit quite right but that's what you're thinking, and the point is not to fix it later, but to capture that moment, when you were thinking, and to make it tangible, legible.

i like anyone who will give me an entire pizza for free. yay arrival survival. yay free things!

i have nothing to do for the rest of the day and everybody else is out exploring dubiously safe areas of the city with freshmen. i would write but i did that already. i might do more. the plan was to tune guitars, and i will probably, soon. i have all day. i should pick up my books, too. hopefully they are there. and then i'll know what kind of storage i still need. bah. we'll have to run that ikea trip soon.

30 July 2006

mostly from an email

"i love that moment when you can feel the person next to you fall asleep. and you hear their breathing change and you know, and it's kind of a safe feeling---there's nothing left for you to do but sleep, and you're in something of a protector role so you'd better be safe (especially interesting as the little spoon)---but it's also kind of alienating, to be pretty certain that you're the only person still awake. (what is it about consciousness that i find so threatening? i just spent like an hour putting off the end of a nap.) i've never really slept well in groups, although being in the same bed seems to help, but i'm always wondering if anyone else is awake and feeling like i should be asleep."

i'm so ready to get back to school, to live with the family i choose.

15 July 2006

more fun questions

i work with small children. the other day we were eating lunch and two of the girls in the 5-8 block (one was 5, the other 7, i believe) asked me the following questions:

"can girls marry other girls?"

"if you're not married, can you have a baby before you get married?"


i don't like to lie. but i also want to keep my job. yay for long pauses before tiptoeing around technically true but very vague answers!

13 July 2006


Take the Role-Playing Stereotype quiz.

i usually hate things like this (although i didn't use to....), but this one just seemed too accurate.

09 July 2006

freewriting inspiration

You were singing that song that you sang the first time i ever heard your voice, and i decided right then that i would never let you go, the way the dove never lets the sparrow go, even though i don't know exactly what that means, or if it means anything at all. and couldn't you fall? not very far, just into my arms, into love, where i could maybe show you what it means and what's between when two people know and believe. it's like hearing your voice when you're singing that song that you sang the first time that i met you, never forget you, such an overused rhyme but if it suits your time you can't neglect it. it's about so much more than making words fit together, more about the space between them where nothing needs to be said but you know exactly what you (both) mean and it rains and you sit and you listen to the nothing but the
of the water on the pavement of the road you've driven so many times before. and what for? nothing but to get to you for that half-hour before the world ends to sleep, that necessary evil that keeps us apart every night, even when we're closer than close should be. i've never had a dream about you when you were lying next to me, like my brain knows you're already there so it doesn't have to invent you, and it could never make an improvement anyway . . . how could i say that the following day when we woke and the sun was shining like the light off a tree that came from the sun to begin with that you would still be there? it's the way you just know, like hearing your voice when you're singing that song you were singing the first time i saw you, and i could feel in my bones that "alone" was a word that i never would quite face again. but who's to say the calamity is in the solitude? we never do seem to know, even when we know, there's always that doubt and that mission you have to gain my admission that i've ignored it, but i can't force it, because doubt is as healthy as hearing your voice in the morning when the light shines off the tree like the sun itself and the bird sings that song you were singing the first time i knew you . . .
(this much was written in one shot [i.e. no pauses], but i feel like it could have been longer)

26 May 2006

songwriter's block

i really want to write a song, but it's not coming. and it seems like it's always like this, but every other song i've written is already written, so i don't think of them that way. most of them were slow and tedious, and i can think of one that was quick and painful, and another that was slow to start but ended up relatively quick and that was painful just because of the subject matter. we never did finish that one, even though we said we were going to. i don't really need the closure anymore, i guess, but it would be nice. if only to get the three of us to play together again.

there's this song on the curious george album by "jack johnson and friends" that says "three is a magic number." i suppose it's true. it seems like it would have to be. my high school latin teacher told us that "the universe runs in threes." he used it to justify leaving after his third year, because otherwise he would have to stay for another three. the tao te ching says, "out of one comes two. out of two comes three. and out of three come all things."

what's it like, being nineteen?

the song i'm trying to write is an unapologetic apology. i think. i want to toy with this idea of regret a little more. my idea is that i don't regret anything, but i think i ought to revisit that periodically. there's one decision in particular i'm trying to write about here. i have a chord progression and half a melody. it will happen soon enough.

i like to say that every decision i've ever made has been mine, and i own it. and it's true. but that shouldn't necessarily mean living without regret, although that should always be the goal. if i do something really stupid....what does "regret" really mean, anyway?

i don't regret loving you.

(that needs to be a lyric.)

it's friday night. and it's only 10:00. why do i want to go to bed? (because girlfriend is out of town and i have nothing else to do.)

i went to a drum circle tonight. i think if i go to a drum circle once a month or so, it will be good for my soul. i feel like part of something bigger than myself, and there's a sense of power but also the necessity for humility, and you really do forget everything while you're in it. it's healing. i think i need a drum. i almost stopped at music & arts center on the way home to check out prices of things, to see if a drum is something i will be obtaining this summer, or 5 years from now, or not in the foreseeable future.

i had fun this afternoon. the last hour of work is the worst, especially on friday, so really all you can do is have fun with it. lots of big hugs, and chasing bubbles, and tickling, and falling on the "grass." (really, why can't little kids have real grass?)

i'm sleepy and i have the beginnings of a headache and i've already put the guitar away, where it shall stay. speaking of which, let me know if you might want to buy it.

28 April 2006

before going home

i should be writing on paper, but i want to put this somewhere that other people might read it. really, i want to put it somewhere that you might read it, even though you don't know who you are. suffice it to say, this is addressed to someone.

i am listening to the end of ten, the part that isn't a song and comes after "release" and i should really get you into pearl jam. it doesn't sound like most of the stuff you listen to, but the words....and a few songs are just....i don't know.

it feels like a rearviewmirror kind of day.

it's only everything.....oh, god. i'm dreading going home, really i am. for so many reasons....it was so strange, watching everyone pack up and go away, and by the time i was packing up there was no one to keep me company, and by the time i leave there will be no one to say goodbye....realizing how much i'm going to miss shannon and how much i already missed you, because we don't really talk anymore, between engineering and the fact that i'm always surrounded by gay people.....i'm tired and i'm shaking and i don't know why. not really.....it's more of an extended twitch? and only in my left arm, and i'm not sure what that means.....

supposedly the store manager who doesn't want me to work there isn't going to be there much longer, and i take it with a grain of salt but it could be true, and it makes me want to go back....i wanted to go back anyway, but now i think it will be ok....

so two people who i'm not sure how i feel about broke up, and i'm not sure how i feel about the fact that they broke up, and no one will talk to me about it, and i want to know everything but i'm afraid i don't have a right to--actually, i'm pretty sure i don't have a right to, but i'm afraid of what might be the reason--typing comes so much easier than pen to paper; it's so much faster--and i'm afraid of going home to face that, and deal with it, and see all those places and all those people and spring break this year nearly killed me, and i can live with my family and won't mind that and the food will be good and oh, i'll cook for myself next year and get away from campus food, but it's everything else in my town....my house is fine, my family is fine, but i've got to get out of that town....

i don't think after this i will ever go back.

mostly i want you to understand that i love words, and i take them very seriously, but some words can mean so many different things....and i don't want you to get the wrong idea from an anonymous note that sounds very serious and was, but not in the way that i hope you don't take it....love is such a strong word, and it means so many things....

i want to cry, i need to sleep. maybe i'll cry myself to sleep. that's always a good one. i should pack up my computer before i go to bed. god, i'm tired.....in so many ways.

you were my first friend here, it occurred to me today. and one of my favorite memories from this year is the night we came sat in the window in the honors college for two hours watching snow.

12 April 2006


the daffodils are all dying, and tulips just aren't the same.

23 March 2006

today's fun question:

"so are you allowed to have a boyfriend and a girlfriend at the same time?"

18 March 2006

there is a large protest taking place outside my window.

to the people who demand that president bush step down, i have this to say:
if bush resigns, then cheney will be our president. and he shoots people in the face.

09 March 2006

The Sculptor

you trace every line
of this fine form,
marking the curve of the shoulder,
the way the collarbone juts beneath the skin.
your words make it so.
each kiss awakens
a spark of life in what may as well have been marble
before you.
your touch is magic,
making her live,
making her beautiful.

i found this when i came home for spring break.....i like it.

21 February 2006

sonnet 45

imagine if the muse had run astray--
her laughter i see living in your face,
her joy related newly every day
in the love that's present in the space
between us. life you give the muse who breaks
her chains to join us in rapt harmony;
reviving love you give this soul, who wakes
to hear the tones of this epiphany.
that muse seeks no forgiveness for her sin--
she knows transgression leads to greater good--
for she gives witness to the love within,
and sees though others say "should not!"--we should.
that renegade lends credence to my claims
by matching her creation with my aims.

finished 2/21/2006
inside the back of my linguistics notebook

07 February 2006


haha, so i totally fucked up my blog by using less-than and greater-than symbols. and i'm too lazy to fix it. but now i know not to do it again. maybe i'll fix it some other time.

who was margaret mead? i'm also too lazy to study.

stream-of-consciousness V

it's been over a month since i posted anything, and i'm sitting here procrastinating, so i might as well write something. i'm going to target in a little bit but i don't want to stand out in the cold waiting for the bus and as there is only one route that takes me exactly where i'd like to go i looked up the schedule (gasp) and am waiting to go outside in the cold until it is almost here. alex will be joining me. good times. i haven't seen him in a while. and i should be studying for my multiple midterms (1 down, 2 to go) but i don't want to anymore. i like multiple choice and true-false questions. and linguistics is linguistics and i love it so i should be fine. i need groceries. i like eating 3 meals a day. campus food is icky. alex claims to be "homemaker motivated" so maybe he can share some of that with me. however i want nothing to do with his buying pants. i like giftcards. they are ever so convenient. i like that i don't have to pay for my groceries right now if i go to target. this was exactly why i asked for giftcards to there for christmas (thank you for paying attention, the person who got me a card to macy's....by the way i shop at goodwill for clothes).....blah. this week is....this week could stand to be a week later. i also need to finish my essay for my housing application....silly honors community. but oh, how i love it. stream of consciousness makes me happy. especially with a keyboard in front of me. it goes so much faster than writing with a pen and the words are less likely to get blocked up in my head resulting in the loss of something.

i love the girl.

that's really pretty important. and kind of awesome. oh wow, it just occurred to me that anyone who can see my profile on facebook has the link to this site....i wonder if he'll explore. oh well. it's time for him to know anyway, i suppose. but we never talk. which is kind of ok. i think we could get along very well if we never talk except for once in a while. it's strange how relationships change....i could make a study of it. just from my own life. i think most people could. the things you don't expect to ever happen.....in any direction. i like life.

so yeah, my tattoo idea has gone out of fashion in my brain....it pops up every now and again. i don't think about it much. i'll probably think about it some more over the summer when i get bored. i need a job. would anyone like to give me a job? a paid internship somewhere would be nice. unfortunately i'm not qualified enough for anything internship-like. one year of college, woohoo.....that'll land me back at the grocery store, most likely. which i wouldn't mind, but i don't think they want to hire me again because the store manager is a douchebag. that's a really fun word. but i probably shouldn't put it on the internet. oh, fuck, nobody knows who i am. sort of. and even if they do, he's not hiring me again anyway....it's so ridiculous. i do good work for you when i'm there. why wouldn't you want to hire me again, even if it is just for the summer? can it possibly cost that much to change your payroll, or not even take me off it but give me a fucking leave of absence, which is what i wanted at the end of the summer anyway. i wonder if the movie theater ever gave up on me. see what the difference is when i actually like my job? i liked coming home from work last summer not feeling like i wanted to kill myself. that was pleasant.

computer geeks are silly. i <3>

i wonder. if you love something really a lot, should it be >3? or is it one of those things where the intensity increases the smaller the number? like, the number is volume but the mass stays the same? so the density goes up? so if you love someone tons it would be <2>

yay procrastination.

bus is supposed to be there around 4:10. *sigh*....buses. i like the city buses, actually. yay public transportation.

yay lots of things!