21 February 2006

sonnet 45

imagine if the muse had run astray--
her laughter i see living in your face,
her joy related newly every day
in the love that's present in the space
between us. life you give the muse who breaks
her chains to join us in rapt harmony;
reviving love you give this soul, who wakes
to hear the tones of this epiphany.
that muse seeks no forgiveness for her sin--
she knows transgression leads to greater good--
for she gives witness to the love within,
and sees though others say "should not!"--we should.
that renegade lends credence to my claims
by matching her creation with my aims.

finished 2/21/2006
inside the back of my linguistics notebook

07 February 2006


haha, so i totally fucked up my blog by using less-than and greater-than symbols. and i'm too lazy to fix it. but now i know not to do it again. maybe i'll fix it some other time.

who was margaret mead? i'm also too lazy to study.

stream-of-consciousness V

it's been over a month since i posted anything, and i'm sitting here procrastinating, so i might as well write something. i'm going to target in a little bit but i don't want to stand out in the cold waiting for the bus and as there is only one route that takes me exactly where i'd like to go i looked up the schedule (gasp) and am waiting to go outside in the cold until it is almost here. alex will be joining me. good times. i haven't seen him in a while. and i should be studying for my multiple midterms (1 down, 2 to go) but i don't want to anymore. i like multiple choice and true-false questions. and linguistics is linguistics and i love it so i should be fine. i need groceries. i like eating 3 meals a day. campus food is icky. alex claims to be "homemaker motivated" so maybe he can share some of that with me. however i want nothing to do with his buying pants. i like giftcards. they are ever so convenient. i like that i don't have to pay for my groceries right now if i go to target. this was exactly why i asked for giftcards to there for christmas (thank you for paying attention, the person who got me a card to macy's....by the way i shop at goodwill for clothes).....blah. this week is....this week could stand to be a week later. i also need to finish my essay for my housing application....silly honors community. but oh, how i love it. stream of consciousness makes me happy. especially with a keyboard in front of me. it goes so much faster than writing with a pen and the words are less likely to get blocked up in my head resulting in the loss of something.

i love the girl.

that's really pretty important. and kind of awesome. oh wow, it just occurred to me that anyone who can see my profile on facebook has the link to this site....i wonder if he'll explore. oh well. it's time for him to know anyway, i suppose. but we never talk. which is kind of ok. i think we could get along very well if we never talk except for once in a while. it's strange how relationships change....i could make a study of it. just from my own life. i think most people could. the things you don't expect to ever happen.....in any direction. i like life.

so yeah, my tattoo idea has gone out of fashion in my brain....it pops up every now and again. i don't think about it much. i'll probably think about it some more over the summer when i get bored. i need a job. would anyone like to give me a job? a paid internship somewhere would be nice. unfortunately i'm not qualified enough for anything internship-like. one year of college, woohoo.....that'll land me back at the grocery store, most likely. which i wouldn't mind, but i don't think they want to hire me again because the store manager is a douchebag. that's a really fun word. but i probably shouldn't put it on the internet. oh, fuck, nobody knows who i am. sort of. and even if they do, he's not hiring me again anyway....it's so ridiculous. i do good work for you when i'm there. why wouldn't you want to hire me again, even if it is just for the summer? can it possibly cost that much to change your payroll, or not even take me off it but give me a fucking leave of absence, which is what i wanted at the end of the summer anyway. i wonder if the movie theater ever gave up on me. see what the difference is when i actually like my job? i liked coming home from work last summer not feeling like i wanted to kill myself. that was pleasant.

computer geeks are silly. i <3>

i wonder. if you love something really a lot, should it be >3? or is it one of those things where the intensity increases the smaller the number? like, the number is volume but the mass stays the same? so the density goes up? so if you love someone tons it would be <2>

yay procrastination.

bus is supposed to be there around 4:10. *sigh*....buses. i like the city buses, actually. yay public transportation.

yay lots of things!