19 November 2010

touching base

i haven't even thought about posting here in so long that just before i clicked on the button, i was convinced this window would look unfamiliar. it doesn't.

i haven't been writing much lately. scattered words here and there. i've made a few pictures. i've listened to a bunch of music. but mostly i've been coping with my life and living it. not that it's anything extraordinary to have to cope with: the second year of a master's program, etc. new boyfriend. ex-boyfriend. job. clinic (which is actually the least-stressful part: who would imagine that special education students are the best part of my week?) (that's an exaggeration. the best part of my week is saturday morning. but placing that aside in a special category, i love what i do during the week.)

i'm thinking about getting out of pittsburgh. i wonder if it will trap me again. i wonder what i will do and where i will end up. and i wonder why i'm writing this.

hello november. this will be the first time in a few years, i think, that a month will have gone by with no posts. interesting.

i'm ready to graduate. i'm ready to leave. i'm ready to move on.

in other news, that journal i posted about a while back worked out exactly as i hoped it would. that doesn't mean i'm writing any more. i'm going to go make myself into a person who goes out now, because his face did something i've never seen when i said i might not come to this show.