30 November 2006

stream-of-consciousness VII

feels like it's about time for another one of these. i'm tired. this week is actually not as bad as i thought it would be....it was just that paper. everything else is just homework. there's always homework. i don't mind it. if it's reading, i generally don't do it. i should. i try. i catch up before exams, generally. the semester still needs to end, by general consensus. and because semesters should always end. that's why they're called "semesters." it's actually not, but it results from it. ... yeah.

anyway, so i do stupid things. what else is new? perhaps when this is done i'll take a nap.

posting for the sake of posting!! yay!!

i'm worried. you're away message says you're going crazy. anything i can do? this belongs in an IM, not a blog. oh well. stream-of-consciousness. my best excuse for everything.

[editing out six paragraphs]

some things don't belong on the internet. i think i'll save this to my computer instead.

08 November 2006

sonnet 48

grant me permission to persuade myself
that passion over reason knows what's right.
remind me that to think about all else
will serve only to complicate my plight.
i've seen it all before, but can't recall
when facing new confusion, how it goes;
i hoped i'd learned something this time, or all,
but once again i stare down doubt, who knows
he has me firmly in his grasp. alas,
i cannot trust what i have learned thus far,
for truly i have not learned it. my past
forbids sole faith in passion--reason mars.
i wish i could put all concerns to rest,
but painful things i've lived say reason's best.