27 December 2012


i haven't been writing enough lately. but when am i ever?

christmas 2012 in two words: bacon ham.

C decorating for the holiday was the cutest thing ever. our home is covered in greenery, candles, and sparkly things.

strange to hear people moving about in the apartment

the dining room suddenly became a center for gathering and conversation

wine, godspell, and apples to apples

waking up early enough to see the snow that fell for about an hour...technically a white christmas!

giving a few very well-received gifts...a privilege i appreciate more and more as i get older

the relief of having our home back to myself and my partner...we love my family, especially in small doses. privacy is a blessing. (curious to see how my opinions change as we grow out of the "newlywed" phase)

looking forward to the new year...2013 is going to be big!