17 December 2010


a woman draped in black,
only her eyes exposed
cutting a gash in her modesty.
we are sitting on your front steps
in the sun, smoking cigarettes;
you drop your eyes.
likewise veiling your femaleness,
but no modesty in your gender.
i watch but try not to stare.
she rides past, every eye a threat.
a rule followed by instinct, not habit.
she stops and
turns, one foot on the ground,
her eyes all for us.

07 December 2010


maybe it's the cold, maybe it's the grey, maybe it's hormones, but for whatever reason, i've just wanted to bitch about silly things for the last couple of days. here are a few of them, because that's what a blog is for:

-college students who ride the bus one stop during rush hour because it's "free" and they're cold.
-professors who say "we'll probably get out early today" and then keep talking until 5 minutes (or less) are left in class.
-the starbucks barista does not need to be wearing a bump-it behind her visor.
-crazy chicks should not steal windows. because it should not snow inside the car. (i would use stronger language, but will refrain out of respect for a better man than i.)
-why the hell would you sit down on in a spot that's clearly between two people's stuff, promptly change the channel (i don't care if it's to the same thing in HD, you should still ask before you pick up the remote), and then make comments about how "slow" Hines Ward is to the dude wearing the 86 jersey?!

best self-observation of the last 2 days: "what i lack i patience, i make up for in sarcasm."