30 January 2007

daring to be read

i am a masochistic little stalker, and i know it. and i know i did you wrong, and i know i deserve to hurt for it. and maybe that's why i do it. also to look for proof that you're happy, or maybe not too happy.

i love you, i miss you, i'm sorry. that's really all there is to say, and i'm sorry if i've said it too many times. i'm waiting for you to hear me.

16 January 2007

Magnetic Poetry for MLK Day

I dream of another freedom
which will see the sun on
this blue full moon
when never light above blooms

the great thing about magnetic poetry is that it doesn't need to make sense. and it usually doesn't. expect more of these; i got a magnetic poetry calendar for christmas.

01 January 2007

New Year

i feel full of life and surrounded by beautiful people
but like i am in desperate need of that one right person
and i don't know who it is.

today is promise.
it is also a jarring return to real life,
after the distractions of last week.

the convention was amazing. i am enthusiastic
and energetic.
i also made my drag debut.
the character needs work,
but we do with what we have.

last night....
adjectives defy me.

"so this is the new year,
and i don't feel any different"