02 April 2013

coming home

so we're back in pittsburgh.

that was really just a matter of time. it ended up happening much more quickly than we anticipated. we had been talking about moving back to pittsburgh in a year or two, if the right opportunity presented itself (and maybe if one didn't). i got a call mid-february about a potential job in a place i did an internship in grad school, and three weeks later we were here. it took us one week to find and move into a new place, and i started work two days later. that was two weeks ago.

boston sent us off with a raging blizzard. exactly the goodbye we would have expected.

i'm not going to pretend that i've been able to process everything that's happening. i don't think it's likely to happen while i'm writing this post. we are home, surrounded by family. that's really all that matters.

28 February 2013


this february was an especially short month.

2013: already bigger than expected.

16 February 2013


everything only ever happens very quickly.

06 February 2013


opened up the laptop for the first time in months. all of january went by without a blog post. priorities shift.

i haven't written any sort of a reflection on 2012. the beginning of 2013 just held so much.  

2012 was the first year i spent on a calendar year instead of an academic one. the academic year still held sway in my life, but i didn't get three months off work and i had students for the entire month of july. i worked in the same position at the same job from january through december. we moved to a new apartment in august. we adopted a cat in september. changes happened. maybe one of the biggest is that i started to really think of us as "we." 

when we moved into our first apartment together, it was filled with my things and his things. now that we are in our second home, it is filled with our things. it just feels perfectly natural. more things are shared than are not. 

2013 is our year.  we have already made one tremendous journey together--not only to a different part of the country, but through top surgery. i didn't even know it was possible to feel this happy for another person. i feel so blessed to see him recognize himself. i am honored to be the partner he chose to see him through this. i have learned so much through this process already about what it means to be his partner, and we are continuing to learn.

i feel a shift in my life. i like the direction i am moving.