17 May 2011

magnetic poetry 12

peace & freedom
lets make it easy
if I call your name
and you come after
screw he or she
and make us

cleaning up. moving soon.

05 May 2011

Graduation, again

i feel the need to excuse my absence from the blogosphere,
my unannounced sabbatical, as it were.
i had to go finish grad school.

(i can't decide if this would be better as poetry or as verse. it's been so long.)

my life has been caught up in the chaos of finishing what was without knowing what will be. i'm pretty good on "what is," especially in the very short term.

i'm looking forward to a summer off, and deciding what comes next! in the meantime, i'm hoping i'll write more, but my development there has taken an interesting turn. i don't seem to write as much anywhere as i once used to, and i think i know why, but i'm curious to see where that goes.

on my last day of grad school,
i spiked out my hair and wore grey skinny jeans, skater shoes, a cowrie shell necklace, and the blazer from my power-lesbian suit. my boyfriend and my gay husband stood on a street corner with signs that said "FREE HUGS" and came back with amazing stories. i went out with a small group of close friends and enjoyed myself.

then a bunch of other things happened, and that's just this past week.