30 November 2012


i caught my reflection in a store window this evening looking exactly as i think i should.

that almost never happens.

10 November 2012


you don't know how much you will miss it until it's gone-
like a bad breakup:
you can't stay, but you're not sure you want to leave.

you will forget just how important it was
that the streetlamps dotting the hills looked like stars in the city glare;
you will remember the crossing lines of bridge cable above your head,
the graffiti under overpasses,
and the grate that made you confront the river.

you would never guess how much your ears seek out a few words,
a twisted sound, a turn of phrase,
the gravelly laugh of a place where they're born with smoke in their lungs. 

02 November 2012

pre-election thoughts, 2012

i am legitimately anxious about this election. never have i felt so strongly that my entire life depends on the outcome of one day.

i'm sick of watching candidates attack each other on television instead of talking about what they'll do better. the few positive ads get swallowed up in all the negative noise.

i feel every day like my freedom as a woman and a queer person is being threatened, like it is at risk of being taken away. it goes far beyond the usual pro-life-vs-pro-choice argument. not only is my right to decide whether to have an abortion being threatened, but so is my right to decide whether to use birth control--for reproductive or other medical purposes. my freedom to choose who i marry is literally being put up for a vote by my neighbors. my freedom of education is being threatened by politicians who want to reduce student loans and to cut funding to schools. my right to control my own body is being actively threatened by politicians who believe that rape can be an act of God.

Senators and Congressmen, if your God is a god who will rape women so that more children can be conceived, then you should be looking for another god. 

i am disgusted that there are so many Americans who believe they can justify voting for these threats to our rights, freedoms, and basic safety because "the economy's bad." i will not apologize for believing that money should never become more important than living human beings.