02 April 2013

coming home

so we're back in pittsburgh.

that was really just a matter of time. it ended up happening much more quickly than we anticipated. we had been talking about moving back to pittsburgh in a year or two, if the right opportunity presented itself (and maybe if one didn't). i got a call mid-february about a potential job in a place i did an internship in grad school, and three weeks later we were here. it took us one week to find and move into a new place, and i started work two days later. that was two weeks ago.

boston sent us off with a raging blizzard. exactly the goodbye we would have expected.

i'm not going to pretend that i've been able to process everything that's happening. i don't think it's likely to happen while i'm writing this post. we are home, surrounded by family. that's really all that matters.