20 November 2005

happy 3 mokky and sir

life is happy when i can see pretty pictures of two girls who love each other who give me faith that things can work. it almost makes me feel like she's here.

19 November 2005

75 things

it has been suggested, somehow not on purpose, that i compile such a list.

75 things i've learned:
1) people suck.
2) boys are stupid.
3) south side not = south side works.
4) Jews for Jesus are fucking annoying.
5) if you're born Catholic, part of you will always be Catholic, no matter what you try to do about it.
6) insomnia is contagious.
7) bipolar disorder is not funny, and sometimes it can be downright scary.
8) don't ever refuse to apply for a scholarship because "i don't want to go there."
9) it's dumb not to let people pay for things when they offer.
10) no, the bomb dog won't find the condoms in the bottom of your locker (or if it does, nobody will say anything to you.)
11) catholic-school-girl uniforms are lost on me.
12) "there's nothing homosexual about that.."
13) if enough people complain loudly enough, radio stations come back.
14) goodwill is awesome.
15) if you care about somebody, say something
16) procrastination is dangerous.
17) i haven't learned anything interesting (compared to serious band fags)
18) not all bagpipers have anything to do with scotland.
19) make sure you're not being followed before you yell potentially incriminating things up the D stairs.
21) sometimes, if something hurts, immobilizing it will actually make it worse
22) free concerts are the best kind.
23) Molly is not gay.
24) hehe
25) elevators can be a good place to meet people
26) some things are not meant for the internet.
27) it can be ok not to explore.
28) if you sit in the back hallway during band class, nobody will find you except brass players going to the bathroom, and they won't tell.
29) dr woodburn is the best study hall proctor ever.
30) Gustav Holst is fucking awesome
31) there are confederate towels in Myrtle Beach
32) Adrienne Rich is also pretty awesome
33) quarters are the most valuable unit of currency.
34) apparently, you can transport goldfish in a nalgene bottle (i haven't tested this personally yet)
35) split-second reactions to things are often not safe
36) surprise sales rock
37) you can lock people into their dorm rooms
38) in the beginning, god said, "let there be lips." and there were lips. and it was good.
39) it's ok to eat fish, because they don't have any feelings.
40) if you're persistent enough, playing bass with the amp towards the floor will get the guys downstairs to turn their fucking music down.
41) it's better to have to get up early in the morning than not to be there at all.
42) the buttermilk pancakes at c-side make up for everything else.
43) bubbles make most people happy.
44) nobody on the honors floors has play-doh.
45) everyone has sentimental connections to "wonderwall."
46) 7-11 is a good thing to have around.
47) singers are generally a pain in the ass.
48) maple syrup on french fries is really, really good. much better than you thought it would be.
49) writing sonnets is a good way to survive AP statistics (and pass with a 5)
50) orange juice can go bad in the fridge.
51) facebook is stupid and pointless, but i'm addicted to it anyway.
52) will is not pretending to be a chauvinist.
53) northern vermont is really pretty, but also really boring.
54) cable television is largely overrated.
55) south park is not.
56) lovebirds need a lot of attention.
57) the dog usually knows the best places to hide.
58) virginia slims are all menthol.
59) you probably don't want to know where that stain on your carpet came from.
60) i was never intended to play improvisational jazz bass.
61) pooh bear was a taoist
62) the cathedral is a good place to get work done, and it's open all the time.
63) it's not a good idea to stay up til 3AM when you have class in the morning.
64) "retarded" is overused, and usually not correctly so.
65) seeing fireworks at eye-level is pretty cool.
66) smart people don't have sex?
67) EVERYTHING has homosexual undertones.
68) gaydar can be developed, but is rarely flawless.
69) communism, while lovely on paper, doesn't work in practice.
70) it's all much funnier than you currently realize.
71) you can get electrocuted through the phone. it's pretty exciting.
72) yes, i really am that sheltered.
73) change is the only constant.
74) it's impossible to put finite terms on something that's infinite.
75) everything will seem much less important in the morning.

16 November 2005

from friday night--(almost) unedited

It was two in the morning and I woke up:
I need to write. Right. Now.
(i haven't had this urge [an urge this strong] since i moved here.)
i wonder if my roommate or the wonderful girl asleep in bed next to me are aware of what i'm doing, conscious of the furious pace of my scribbling and what this means for me as a writer. i wonder if the drunken frat boys screaming outside know [are aware] of the 2AM [late hour] [wee hour] epiphany that is occurring high above them on the eleventh [11th] floor. I wonder if I know [understand] what all these brackets mean, that i am giving myself a chance to play with the words, to decide later which ones are best, to give myself choices . . . . i wonder if my eyes will ever forgive me.