31 March 2012


before you try to tell me that my concept of marriage is flawed, let me tell you about the way he reaches out for me in his sleep.

08 March 2012

full circle

"everlong" just meant something brand new all over again.

04 March 2012

on long goodbyes

Fact: all the non-skinny girl jeans i wear are hand-me-downs (stolen) from transmen.

i probably ought to buy a pair of pants that are mine. i just hate shopping for pants. pants-shopping in this country has been designed to make women hate themselves. measure in inches and stop changing what my size means!

every day should be a good day. if you're not having a good day, you should ask yourself, "why not?" and then see what you can do to change it.

i am having a longer than usual series of very good days. (oh no, has my inner drama queen been sated? heavens forfend!)

i finished the last step with the IRB to close my Pitt undergrad thesis research. that seems like a longer time ago than it was.

your past is your past, and it is always going to be your past. you may not find closure, because closure may not be real. closure is very rare, at best.

i feel the need to contend with specific parts of my past, because i feel that i'm about to begin a substantially different chapter in my life. part of the hard lesson i'm learning is that sometimes, the way to deal with your past is to let it remain your past--and not to keep bringing it back into your present.

this blog chronicles almost my entire time in pittsburgh. if i happen to close it soon, or ever, please know that it wasn't because i don't love anyone still reading it or because i don't want to remember that time. rest assured i will still be reading it as my own history.

we are all by which we have been touched.