27 October 2005


today is hate the world day.

i saw boys dont cry for the first time. and all this crap about the gsa....

why can't people....i don't even know.

13 October 2005

sonnet 43

the prize of eyes is overrated now
when some disparage those not famed in verse,
preferring blue or green unfairly--how!
to disregard the others is much worse,
for those will never know the beauty found
in honest eyes of less poetic hue;
the life i seek in subtle shades of brown
competes with naught offered by striking blue.
i wish that you could see reflected in
these muddy swirls that catch me every time
the same i see of all that's ever been
when i realize--at last--this life is mine.
limpid pools thine eyes will never be;
more beauteous still that makes them unto me.

inside the back cover of my calculus notebook
could stand some revision.