18 September 2018


His partner after me reached out to me last night.
We had a few exchanges that ended after
I told them, "Trust yourself."

I hope it was what they needed to hear.

The whole time,

I remembered sitting on the floor

in the spare bedroom, back against the door,
listening to him scream on the other side
and waiting for him to give up,
texting one, two, three people
trying to make sure that I was sane and this was wrong.
That was the day I finally realized,
I deserve better.

It still took me three days to leave.

You got this.
You deserve better.
You know exactly what's happening.
Trust yourself.


Anonymous said...

Praying with you. You are teaching them what none of us should ever have to teach anyone. Please remember that you are only responsible for your own actions.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for that reminder, B. You are absolutely right.