30 July 2015

Big day!

I just got myself a new computer. I haven't had one since September. I missed two-hand typing! Hopefully this will make for some positive changes in my writing/internet/home life. I'm extra excited because it's one of those nifty new(ish) flippy ones that you can position in 4 different ways and use as a tablet. This morning, I picked up my car after having its second bumper replaced in a year and a half of owning it. It looks so shiny and intact! I'm preparing to travel with my family of origin for the first time in years. I think we're taking my car. Should be an interesting trip! I'm excited to stare at a lake and do nothing for a few days. There are so many things I should be doing to get ready, but I'm just not interested in any of them. It's too damn hot in this top-floor apartment, so I prefer to hide in the one room that has air conditioning. I find myself smiling a lot lately. I truly enjoy my life. Ah, clicking keys feel so good!


Anonymous said...

There is so much goodness in this post. Hooray!


Troll said...

I love how I can feel how content you are right now. Hope your time with your family is both fun and restorative