13 August 2008


i am still continually amazed by the countless ways in which it is possible to love another person. i don't expect this will change. it's been true for years now, and there are still so many experiences i haven't had.

the trouble is making them all fit together, because there are only so many words in this language for kinds of relationships (and only one word for "love," which is endlessly problematic), and there are so many people who don't understand that the ways to love are limitless.

i hesitate to say i like the way one's language shapes one's culture, but i am intrigued by it.

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ATD said...

i agree completely about being interested in how language shapes culture. recently the subject has been australia.
also, can we just start inventing other words for love? i could use a few more.

And we need to get together and have a nice long conversation since i'm back now.